Policies and Procedures

All the details you may want to know about our rental program. This page is considered our Terms and Conditions as it relates to rental instruments. For further questions or concerns please contact our office.

Trade-in and Return Policy

All sales or purchases either in person at Schultz Strings or on schultzstrings.com are not eligible for return. Schultz Strings is pleased to offer a trade-in policy for instruments and bows purchased. If you purchase an instrument from us, you have the opportunity to trade it back in. When you are ready for the next size up or a nicer model, you may trade in your instrument for 100% of what you paid for it (including rental credit discounts), minus the cost of necessary refurbishments. The trade-in value may then be used up to 80% of the price of the new instrument. Major damages may reduce the trade-in value. 

No Worries Plan (Included)

NOTE: This will be in effect as long as the client’s account is in good standing.
  • Upon sign-up plan includes the following items:
    • Instructors Method Book (one book up to $20 value)
    • Folding Music Stand (black folding stand $15 value)
    • Shoulder Rest or End Pin Holder (includes Poly Pad or Black Everest for violin/viola or Traxx End Pin Holder for cello/bass) 
  • Annually includes starting one year after contract begins:
    • Method Book (one book per year up to $20 value)
    • Shoulder Rest or End Pin Replacement (includes Poly Pad or Black Everest for violin/viola or Traxx End Pin Holder for cello/bass)
  • Protection Plan:
    • Complete coverage of all necessary repairs and accidental damage
    • No interruption replacement instrument will be provided
  • Maintenance Plan:
    • Exchange chinrest as needed for comfort
    • Tonal adjustments
    • Replacement of damaged, defective or false strings (up to 2 complete sets per year, will be replaced with premium rental strings)
    • Replacement of damaged, defective or worn bows (up to 2 per year, will replace with premium rental bow)
    • Replacement of cosmetically or functionally damaged case

Basic Protection Plan (when opting out of the No Worries Plan)

NOTE: You may opt out of the No Worries Plan by calling our office and fill out a form over the phone or visiting our shop.
  • Coverage of damaged or defective instruments, cases, and bows which would be considered normal wear and tear, including:
    • broken bridge, open seams, loose fingerboards and nuts, broken tail-guts, broken fine tuners, broken pegs, functionally defective case interior or exterior, warped bows
  • No interruption replacement instrument will be provided
  • Replacement parts and repairs provided at our everyday low prices
  • Damage or loss will be assessed at the sole discretion of Schultz Strings, not to exceed the replacement value of the instrument. Contact Schultz Strings for specific value of your rental instrument.

Rental Payments

  • Payments are due on the first of each month. If payment is not received by the 10th of the month a $10 late fee will be assessed.
  • We do not send invoices. If you have shared an active email account with us, you may receive an emailed invoice.
  • The contract will continue on a month-to-month basis until the instrument is returned. Schultz Strings may take possession of the instrument at any time with thirty days’ notice, however if there is an overdue balance on the client’s account Schultz Strings reserves the right to take possession of the instrument at any time. Upon return of the instrument and settlement of any outstanding balances and/or damages, this agreement becomes void.
  • If you would like to update your automatic payment information, please call our office and provide the updated information over the phone.
  • Check payments should be mailed to: Schultz Strings Inc., 1190 Twixt Town Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement: The authorization is to remain in full force and effect until MERCHANT has received written notification of its termination in such time and in such manner as to afford MERCHANT a reasonable opportunity to act on it or the until the term of the authorization expires. Any such notice should be sent to the following address: Schultz Strings Inc., 1190 Twixt Town Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402.

Privacy Statement

  • Schultz Strings uses personal information only for billing and correspondence related to Schultz Strings business. Schultz Strings does not sell your information to any one including any third party providers.

Rental Credit Use Policy

Your rental payment builds as credit towards the purchase of a new instrument. 100% of your rental credit goes towards the purchase of a new instrument at Schultz Strings. This credit can be used for up to 50% of the new instrument price. You may also use this credit to purchase your current rental instrument. You may purchase an instrument with this credit and discount does not apply to bows, cases or other accessories. Discount may not be applied to consignment instruments. Account must be in good standing to use this rental credit. Rental credit has no cash value.

Rental Equity Transfer Policy

When switching to Schultz Strings from another rental program you may transfer your rental credit from another company to Schultz Strings towards the purchase of an instrument with us! You may transfer 100% of your accrued rental equity from another provider. You will need to provide this information as we do not communicate with the other store. You may bring in either a letter stating how much equity you have or simply inform us of the details of your previous rental. You may use this previous credit with us after six months of renting through our program and keep your account current. You will also accumulate rental credit with us during this time!

Contract Cancellation Policy

Rental Returns: if instruments are not returned before the 1st of the month to a Schultz Strings location or confirmation received from a school orchestra director that the instrument is waiting to be picked up at a school, the fee for the next month will be due. It is up to the parent or responsible party on the contract to let Schultz Strings know IN WRITING VIA EMAIL that the instrument has been returned to the school. Schultz Strings will then confirm with the teacher that the instrument is waiting to be picked up and a pick up date will be scheduled school must be open and in session in order to schedule a pick up date. If school is not in session and open, instruments may not be returned and contracts will not be cancelled through our school district service. Schultz Strings is not responsible for instruments left at schools during breaks, vacations, or extended closures. Rental fees are not prorated. Once the instrument is returned to Schultz Strings or to a cooperating school program, accumulated rental credit will be forfeited.

Instrument Exchange, Delivery and Shipment Policy

Here are the policies and process when working with the following:
  • Visiting our Office in the Cedar Rapids Metro Area
    • For the quickest service with exchanges or new rentals, you may visit our office during business hours.
    • When visiting our office we can exchange an instrument in a matter of minutes. We do our best to have all instrument sizes in stock for clients that would prefer to stop in our office. Bring in the instrument, case, and bow.
  • School Orchestra Programs in Iowa
    • You may work with your teacher to arrange an exchange through our office. Most often we are able to make the exchange within a week or two.
    • When delivering an exchange instrument to a school we will ask that you leave the old instrument at the school and we will stop by during the arranged time leaving the new one in place of the old one. NOTE: your orchestra teacher may have a slightly different process. For example, he/she may take your instrument to another near by school that he/she is teaching at the day we are stopping for a visit.
    • If the old instrument is not at the arranged location and ready for pick up, we will not leave the new instrument. The exchange will have to wait until our next visit to the area.
  • Private Music Teachers in Iowa
    • You may work with your teacher regarding the exchange, however they may prefer that you contact us directly to arrange the instrument exchange. You can call or email us to arrange the exchange.
    • The exchange may be done at the music school, shipping (fees may apply), or delivery at another agreed upon location.
  • Programs/Students Outside of Iowa
    • It is typically most efficient if you contact us directly to arrange the instrument exchange.
    • We most often will ship instruments to you or your school/teacher. For the clients outside of Iowa, we will pay for the shipping/delivery of the instrument to you and you will be responsible for shipping the returned or exchanged instrument back to our office. It is NOT necessary to pay for shipping insurance as our company carries in-transit insurance on all of our inventory.
    • We will ship the new instrument to you and ask that you box up the old one in the box that the new one arrived in. We will give you a week or so to return the old instrument before we will charge you for having 2 instruments.

    All prices and policies are subject to change.

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